So what does it mean?

It means that you can check out any image that has the "See It Big!" logo at either our Downtown GR or Jenison Studio. Any image that has the "See It Big!" logo also has a description of the size and print surface type that it was printed on.

Does it matter?

Well, displaying images on the web can be a bit deceiving. At only 500 pixels wide, even an image from a camera phone looks pretty good! But what happens when it's blown up to an 8"x10" print, not so good. If an image looks blurry at the small web version size there's a pretty good chance that it was shot out of focus or at a low resolution. Look at the eyes, they're a pretty good indicator.

The other problem with web viewing is that color and brightness is dependant on what the viewers monitor is set to. Every monitor is different, even two of the exact same brand new monitors pulled right off the assembly line.

"See It Big" is your assurance that your image will look great at 11"x14", 16"x20", 20"x30" and even 30"x40".

If you know you're going to print bigger than 30x40 let us know when you schedule your session. In these cases we'll shoot with either Fuji or Hasselblad medium format digital back cameras, please note that commercial photography rates apply to these sessions.